Studio Policy

  1. I supply most of my students’ notebooks and stationary needs; however essential books, exams, metronomes, and other such expensive items must be paid for by the students’ parent. I will always try to notify you well in advance of a student needing a new book, and if you would prefer, I will even order the books myself for your convenience. I always provide receipts for transparency. I may, as part of my Points for Prizes program, purchase extra books for your child. You will not be billed for these books.
  2. I do ask that sufficient notice (at least 24 hours) be given before a lesson is cancelled, if possible. Make up lessons can only be provided within the same week (not weekends), depending on availability.
  3. Depending on my study hours this year, my availability may decrease and I may have to reschedule your lessons to a later timeslot, if there are any available, however I will always try to accommodate you first and keep your timeslot as best as I can.
  4. The cost of a 30-minute lesson is only $30.00. The cost of a 45-minute lesson (for the more advanced student) is $50.00. Payment is cash in hand or bank transfer, and an invoice can be provided for you if you would like.
  5. Please ensure that any books or materials I give to your child are brought with them to each lesson. After time, they may no longer need to use a particular book, at which point I will let you know and you will no longer have to bring it.
  6. I will be the one to make the final call on whether or not a student is ready for exams. This must be respected, as if they start too early, it can be detrimental to the foundation of their learning.
  7. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc, feel free to contact me at, or on my mobile number of 0429 375 856.